Often we hear women answer a question or statement with #silence. This is what it means

Hi everyone , often we hear women respond to a statement or question with silence this is what it means.

Most often it happens when men speak to women. Very often men see things differently from women and women generally seem to think more instinctively.

Let us take for exmple a man with a racing car says to a woman that he is the best race car driver in the town and then asks her what does she think. Most likely he will not get any answer just a moment of silence. Mostly women are not as egotistical as men in most cases.

Silence can sometimes be the best answer especially when someone asks an inappropriate question or when a person says something mean.

Women seem to know that when someone says something inappropriate that silence is the best answer. The person that made the inappropriate comment has now been deflected to search within themselves for a solution , whereas if the woman had responded with an inappropriate answer that person would never have looked within because they would have been too busy arguing back.

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